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Catalogue status: May 26, 2023
2.5 mm²
The plug-in cross-connections feature easy handling and quick installation. This saves a great deal of time during installation in comparison with screwed solutions.


Order No.: 1527690000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/10
Order No.: 2831750000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/10 BK
Order No.: 1527880000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/10 BL
Order No.: 2108910000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/10 RD
Order No.: 2831640000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/10 WT
Order No.: 1527540000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/2
Order No.: 2831670000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/2 BK
Order No.: 1527740000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/2 BL
Order No.: 2108470000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/2 RD
Order No.: 2831560000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/2 WT
Order No.: 1527720000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/20
Order No.: 2831760000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/20 BK
Order No.: 1527890000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/20 BL
Order No.: 2108920000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/20 RD
Order No.: 2831650000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/20 WT
Order No.: 1527570000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/3
Order No.: 2831680000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/3 BK
Order No.: 1527770000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/3 BL
Order No.: 2108690000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/3 RD
Order No.: 2831570000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/3 WT
Order No.: 1527590000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/4
Order No.: 2831690000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/4 BK
Order No.: 1527780000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/4 BL
Order No.: 2108700000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/4 RD
Order No.: 2831580000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/4 WT
Order No.: 1527620000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/5
Order No.: 2831700000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/5 BK
Order No.: 1527790000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/5 BL
Order No.: 2108710000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/5 RD
Order No.: 2831590000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/5 WT
Order No.: 1527730000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/50
Order No.: 2831770000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/50 BK
Order No.: 1527920000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/50 BL
Order No.: 2109000000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/50 RD
Order No.: 2831660000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/50 WT
Order No.: 1527630000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/6
Order No.: 2831710000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/6 BK
Order No.: 1527820000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/6 BL
Order No.: 2108720000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/6 RD
Order No.: 2831600000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/6 WT
Order No.: 1527640000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/7
Order No.: 2831720000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/7 BK
Order No.: 1527830000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/7 BL
Order No.: 2108810000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/7 RD
Order No.: 2831610000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/7 WT
Order No.: 1527670000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/8
Order No.: 2831730000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/8 BK
Order No.: 1527840000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/8 BL
Order No.: 2108870000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/8 RD
Order No.: 2831620000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/8 WT
Order No.: 1527680000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/9
Order No.: 2831740000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/9 BK
Order No.: 1527870000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/9 BL
Order No.: 2108900000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/9 RD
Order No.: 2831630000
Type: ZQV 2.5N/9 WT
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