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Catalogue status: Oct 8, 2021
RJ45 patch cable for ModuPlug
Make your connections fit for the future With the advanced solutions from RockStar® ModuPlug
Industrial applications are becoming increasingly complex. The demands being made of the connectivity used are growing at the same time. Functionality in the smallest of installation spaces, safe installation and a fast retrofitting process are just some of the product properties being called for. Not only does our RockStar® ModuPlug modular plug-in connector system meet current market requirements; it has been specially designed with the future in mind too. Using the individual modules, you combine all the necessary functions for power, signal and data transmission in a single interface. Thanks to the new variety of module sizes, you can fit more applications than ever before in one plug-in connector. The modules reduce the amount of space required and cut costs when compared with fixed-pole inserts and other modular plug-in connector systems. The sophisticated frames and modules can be installed with extreme ease and integrated into HDC enclosures with the IP65 and IP68 protection classes. You can even use the RockStar® ModuPlug to supplement existing applications without any need to make system adjustments. As an experienced Industrial Connectivity partner, Weidmüller offers ultra-modern connectivity with maximum reliability. So you can create customised solutions for future-proof connections with RockStar® too.


Order No.: 2661950020
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0020
Order No.: 2661950030
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0030
Order No.: 2661950040
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0040
Order No.: 2661950050
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0050
Order No.: 2661950060
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0060
Order No.: 2661950070
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0070
Order No.: 2661950080
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0080
Order No.: 2661950090
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0090
Order No.: 2661950100
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0100
Order No.: 2661950150
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0150
Order No.: 2661950200
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0200
Order No.: 2661950250
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0250
Order No.: 2661950300
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0300
Order No.: 2661950400
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0400
Order No.: 2661950500
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0500
Order No.: 2661950600
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0600
Order No.: 2661950700
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0700
Order No.: 2661950750
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0750
Order No.: 2661950800
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0800
Order No.: 2661950900
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-0900
Order No.: 2661951000
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-1000
Order No.: 2661951500
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-1500
Order No.: 2661952000
Type: HDC RJ4501 MMSCAT6-2000
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