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Catalogue status: Mar 9, 2018
Analogue Sub-D HD
The pre-assembled PAC cables establish an electrical and logical connection between the PLC and the PLC interfaces. These cables consist of the following components:
  • Manufacturer’s PLC connector.
  • Multi-pole LIYY or LY YCY cable (shielded) with a cross-section of 0.14 mm² or 0.25 mm².
  • Flat cable connector, SUB-D or RSV, for connection to the interface.

The cables are tested automatically for their continuity and insulation to guarantee the functionality for which they have been designed.


Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 1440810005
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-1M
Order No.: 1440810010
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 1440810015
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-2M
Order No.: 1440810020
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 1440810025
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-3M
Order No.: 1440810030
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 1440810035
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-4M
Order No.: 1440810040
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-5M
Order No.: 1440810050
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-6M
Order No.: 1440810060
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-7M
Order No.: 1440810070
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-8M
Order No.: 1440810080
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-9M
Order No.: 1440810090
Type: PAC-HD15M-F-V0-10M
Order No.: 1440810100
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2093680005
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2093680010
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2093680015
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2093680020
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2093680025
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2093680030
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2093680035
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2093680040
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2093680050
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2093680060
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2093680070
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2093680080
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2093680090
Type: PAC-HD26M-F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2093680100
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2093910005
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2093910010
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2093910015
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2093910020
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2093910025
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2093910030
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2093910035
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2093910040
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2093910050
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2093910060
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2093910070
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2093910080
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2093910090
Type: PAC-HD44M-F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2093910100
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 1440780005
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-1M
Order No.: 1440780010
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 1440780015
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-2M
Order No.: 1440780020
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 1440780025
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-3M
Order No.: 1440780030
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 1440780035
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-4M
Order No.: 1440780040
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-5M
Order No.: 1440780050
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-6M
Order No.: 1440780060
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-7M
Order No.: 1440780070
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-8M
Order No.: 1440780080
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-9M
Order No.: 1440780090
Type: PAC-HD15F-F-V0-10M
Order No.: 1440780100
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2093080005
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2093080010
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2093080015
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2093080020
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2093080025
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2093080030
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2093080035
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2093080040
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2093080050
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2093080060
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2093080070
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2093080080
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2093080090
Type: PAC-HD26F-F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2093080100
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2093090005
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2093090010
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2093090015
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2093090020
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2093090025
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2093090030
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2093090035
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2093090040
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2093090050
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2093090060
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2093090070
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2093090080
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2093090090
Type: PAC-HD44F-F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2093090100
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-0M5
Order No.: 1440740005
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-1M
Order No.: 1440740010
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-1M5
Order No.: 1440740015
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-2M
Order No.: 1440740020
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-2M5
Order No.: 1440740025
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-3M
Order No.: 1440740030
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-3M5
Order No.: 1440740035
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-4M
Order No.: 1440740040
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-5M
Order No.: 1440740050
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-6M
Order No.: 1440740060
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-7M
Order No.: 1440740070
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-8M
Order No.: 1440740080
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-9M
Order No.: 1440740090
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15M-V0-10M
Order No.: 1440740100
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2094720005
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-1M
Order No.: 2094720010
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2094720015
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-2M
Order No.: 2094720020
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2094720025
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-3M
Order No.: 2094720030
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2094720035
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-4M
Order No.: 2094720040
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-5M
Order No.: 2094720050
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-6M
Order No.: 2094720060
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-7M
Order No.: 2094720070
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-8M
Order No.: 2094720080
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-9M
Order No.: 2094720090
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26M-V0-10M
Order No.: 2094720100
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2094730005
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-1M
Order No.: 2094730010
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2094730015
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-2M
Order No.: 2094730020
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2094730025
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-3M
Order No.: 2094730030
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2094730035
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-4M
Order No.: 2094730040
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-5M
Order No.: 2094730050
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-6M
Order No.: 2094730060
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-7M
Order No.: 2094730070
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-8M
Order No.: 2094730080
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-9M
Order No.: 2094730090
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44M-V0-10M
Order No.: 2094730100
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 1440750005
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-1M
Order No.: 1440750010
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 1440750015
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-2M
Order No.: 1440750020
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 1440750025
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-3M
Order No.: 1440750030
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 1440750035
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-4M
Order No.: 1440750040
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-5M
Order No.: 1440750050
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-6M
Order No.: 1440750060
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-7M
Order No.: 1440750070
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-8M
Order No.: 1440750080
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-9M
Order No.: 1440750090
Type: PAC-HD15F-HD15F-V0-10M
Order No.: 1440750100
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2094140005
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2094140010
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2094140015
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2094140020
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2094140025
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2094140030
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2094140035
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2094140040
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2094140050
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2094140060
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2094140070
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2094140080
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2094140090
Type: PAC-HD26F-HD26F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2094140100
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2094180005
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2094180010
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2094180015
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2094180020
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2094180025
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2094180030
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2094180035
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2094180040
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2094180050
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2094180060
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2094180070
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2094180080
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2094180090
Type: PAC-HD44F-HD44F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2094180100
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 1440770005
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 1440770015
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-2M
Order No.: 1440770020
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 1440770025
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-3M
Order No.: 1440770030
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 1440770035
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-4M
Order No.: 1440770040
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-5M
Order No.: 1440770050
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-6M
Order No.: 1440770060
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-7M
Order No.: 1440770070
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-8M
Order No.: 1440770080
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-9M
Order No.: 1440770090
Type: PAC-HD15M-HD15F-V0-10M
Order No.: 1440770100
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 2003420005
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-1M
Order No.: 2003420010
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 2003420015
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-2M
Order No.: 2003420020
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 2003420025
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-3M
Order No.: 2003420030
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 2003420035
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-4M
Order No.: 2003420040
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-5M
Order No.: 2003420050
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-6M
Order No.: 2003420060
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-7M
Order No.: 2003420070
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-7M5
Order No.: 2003420075
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-8M
Order No.: 2003420080
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-9M
Order No.: 2003420090
Type: PAC-HD26M-HD26F-V0-10M
Order No.: 2003420100
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-0M5
Order No.: 1989360005
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-1M
Order No.: 1989360010
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-1M5
Order No.: 1989360015
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-2M
Order No.: 1989360020
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-2M5
Order No.: 1989360025
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-3M
Order No.: 1989360030
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-3M5
Order No.: 1989360035
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-4M
Order No.: 1989360040
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-5M
Order No.: 1989360050
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-6M
Order No.: 1989360060
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-7M
Order No.: 1989360070
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-8M
Order No.: 1989360080
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-9M
Order No.: 1989360090
Type: PAC-HD44M-HD44F-V0-10M
Order No.: 1989360100
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