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VPU II 1 280V/40KA


General ordering data

Type VPU II 1 280V/40KA
Order No. 1352580000
Version Surge protection, Low voltage, TN-C, TN-S
GTIN (EAN) 4050118157765
Qty. 1 pc(s).

Dimensions and weights

Width 17.8 mm
Width (inches) 0.701 inch
Height 94 mm
Height (inches) 3.701 inch
Depth 69 mm
Depth (inches) 2.717 inch
Mounting dimension - height 75 mm
Net weight 142 g


Operating temperature -40 °C...70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C...80 °C

General data

Colour Black, Arrester red
Design Installation housing; 1TE, Insta IP 20
Mounting rail TS 35, TS 35 x 15, TS 35 x 7.5
Optical function display grey = ok, red = arrester is defective, replace it
Protection degree IP20
UL 94 flammability rating V-0

Insulation coordination acc. to EN 50178

Pollution severity 2
Surge voltage category III

Rated data IEC / EN

Combined pulse UOC 10 kV
Discharge current Imax (8/20µs) wire-PE 40 kA
Discharge current In (8/20µs) wire-PE 20 kA
Follow-on current extinguishing capability Ifi Not available due for technical reasons
Frequency range, max. 60 Hz
Frequency range, min. 50 Hz
Fuse 125 A gL (if back-up fuse > 125 A)
Leakage current at Un 30 µA
Max. continuous voltage, Uc (AC) 280 V
Protection level Up at IN (L/N-PE) ≤ 1.55 kV
Rated voltage (AC) 230 V
Requirements category acc. to IEC 61643-11 Type II, Type III
Requirements class, acc. to EN 61643-11 T2, T3
Response time ≤ 25 ns
Short-circuit current rating ISCCR 25 kA
Signalling contact No
Standards IEC61643-11, EN61643-11
Temporary surge voltage (over-voltage) - TOV 438 V
low voltage network TN-C, TN-S

Connection data

Type of connection Screw connection
Stripping length, rated connection 15 mm
Tightening torque, min. 2 Nm
Tightening torque, max. 3 Nm
Clamping range, rated connection 16 mm²
Clamping range, rated connection, min. 1.5 mm²
Wire cross-section, solid, min. 1.5 mm²
Wire cross-section, solid, max. 16 mm²
Wire connection cross-section, finely stranded, min. 1.5 mm²
Wire connection cross section, finely stranded, max. 25 mm²
Conductor cross-section, flexible, AEH (DIN 46228-1), min. 1.5 mm²
Conductor cross-section, flexible, AEH (DIN 46228-1), max. 50 mm²
Wire connection cross section, stranded, rated connection, min. 1.5 mm²
Wire connection cross section, stranded, rated connection, max. 50 mm²

Product information

Descriptive text accessories Pluggable spare arrester VPU II 0 280 V/40 kA-1352570000


Engineering data EPLAN
Package insert Instruction sheet
Declaration of Conformity CE PAPER

Tender specification sheets

Long specification Single-pole surge protection according to the requirements of Class II/III acc. to IEC 61643-11, EN61643-11:2013. Consisting of V0 material, the arrestor serves as surge protection and is used in applications according to IEC 61643-12. Surge protection is used in the TN, TT and IT mains system types in combination with several lightning protectors. The use of a high-performance varistor meets the inspection requirements for Class II surge protection systems on the basis of the standards. The arrestor is installed in the vicinity of the power supply for the equipment that needs protection, in a standard installation/electrical distribution enclosure. The VPU II 1 280 V/40 kA is earthed, in combination with three or four identical arrestors, between the outer conductors (L1, L2, L3 and / or the neutral conductor). Reference is also made here to the 3+1 circuit and the 3+0 / 4+0 circuits. With thermal separation device on the varistor. If protection is no longer available, the colour in the display window changes from green to red. The functional state is also displayed by a voltage-free signalling contact (changeover). Rated voltage: 230 VAC In/max (8/20 µs): 20/40 kA protection level < 1.8 kV 25 kA short-circuit strength with max. back-up fuse of 125 A gl telecommunication output: contact: 250 V/0.5 A 48 VDC/0.1 A Type: Weidmüller VPU II 1 280 V/40 kA Order No. 1352580000 or equivalent
Short specification Class II arrester with In/Imax: 20/40 kA suitable for 230/400 V mains systems. Protection level < 1.55 kV. Type: Weidmüller VPU II 1 280 V/40 kA Order no. 1352580000 or equivalent


ETIM 3.0 EC000941
ETIM 5.0 EC000510
ETIM 6.0 EC000941
UNSPSC 30-21-19-21
eClass 5.1 27-13-08-01
eClass 6.2 27-13-08-02
eClass 7.1 27-14-02-01
eClass 8.1 27-14-02-01
eClass 9.0 27-14-02-01
eClass 9.1 27-13-08-05


Approvals CE EAC OEVE
ROHS Conform

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